Regulatory Management:

Lead personnel are regulatory specialists.  We are up to date on the latest changes through our continuous monitoring of the regulatory arena and through our extensive network of regulatory and industry professionals.  Coupled with our extensive experience we are able to undertake and advise in:

·         Approval and license applications/renewals

·         Third Party GHG Emission Verification (GHG Verifiers) 

·         Compliance reporting 

·         Compliance auditing (CAPP, ISO)

·         Waste tracking program management – waste tracking, waste plans, training

·         Facility inspections

·         Tank/Well management program


Emissions Assessment:

·         Inventories – Environment Canada’s Chemical management Plan/ Substance Lists

·         Fugitive emissions monitoring/ DI&M program

·         Air dispersion modeling

·         Continuous Emissions monitoring

·         Quality assurance plans

·         Verification audits

·        (National Pollutant Release Inventory NPRI– Environment Canada

·         Greenhouse Gas reporting – Alberta Environment and Environment Canada

·         Dehydrator Engineering Operations Sheets

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA):

Lead personnel have been involved in numerous EIAs throughout western Canada and have led large projects with teams of over 30 people (e.g., 100,000 BPD Oil Sands EIA).  We work with a network of professionals in a wide variety of fields and integrate teams to provide the best solution to our clients’ needs.  We undertake:

·         Issue delineation

·         Impact indicator & risk factor evaluation

·         Application strategy

·         Stakeholder consultation and regulatory liaison

·         Project planning and data review to maximize use of existing data

·         Management of the EIA process including team leadership, direction of studies and QA/QC, and cost and schedule tracking and control

·         Baseline EIA studies, Cumulative Effects Assessment, socio-economic and required studies

·         Cumulative Effects Assessment (CEA) and EIA; and,

·         Document preparation, including Project Design integration


Management Systems & Audit:

·         System development – ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001

·         Systems audit – ie EMS, CAPP

Emergency Response & Contingency Planning:

·         Process safety management /PHA

·         Off-site consequence analysis

·         Emergency planning

·         Risk assessment & communication

·         Public consultation & awareness

·         Table top and full blown ERP exercises