Gas leaks from process equipment and piping typically go undetected to thE
human eye.

Amberg has invested in FLIR infrared technology to scan equipment
and quickly detect leaks.
Amberg also applies this technology to support post‐turnaround facility startups.
It’s a quick and economical way to ensure your facility is not leaking
emissions and losing profits.

You must:

  •  Comply with AER’s Directive 60 and the CAPP Best Management Practice
  •  Develop and implement a Fugitive Emissions (FE) program to detect and repair leaks
  •  FE assessment: testing for leaking components, records keeping, and reporting with required frequency
  • Repair the detected leaks: simple ‐ in 45 days, complex ‐ during the next shutdown

If you have questions regarding the FE program requirements, FE testing and monitoring,
how to compile the FE report, and fix the leaks
Please contact Amberg.